Quotes are valid for 7 days and subject to availability. Payment is due at time of order for simple summer cakes. For wedding cakes, a retainer of 50% of the total price is required to book your date. This retainer is nonrefundable but may be transferred to a different date based on availability. The retainer is due within 3 business days of invoicing and the remaining balance is due no later than 2 weeks (14 calendar days) prior to your event. All dates are considered open until your retainer is received.

Payments can be made in person by check or cash, by mail (check only), or by Paypal.

I am happy to accept multiple payments on your order as long as the 50% retainer fee is paid upfront and the last payment is made no less than 2 weeks before your event.  Any cake not paid in full by 2 weeks prior to your event will be cancelled and any payments over the 50% retainer fee will be automatically refunded. I will send one courtesy reminder when the 2 week lock out date gets close.

Changes to your cake order such as size, colors, flavors, etc will be accepted until 2 weeks prior to the event. Some changes may incur additional charges. No changes can be made after that date. Any loose ends regarding your cake order will be wrapped up at that time in order to give you one less thing to worry about as your event draws near.

In the event that something occurs to affect your scheduled event date, please contact me to discuss options. Communication is key.  If you are up-front about any issues about your date, I will work hard to accommodate you. I understand things can come up that are out of your control.

Please note that colors of actual cake may vary slightly due to color differences in computer screens as well as dyes available to me. If an exact match is desired, please provide me with a physical color sample.

In the event that you are requesting a copy of a specific design from another decorator, please understand that there may be some differences due to size, tools and techniques used on the original cake. I strive to make a cake that is unique for you and reserve the right to make slight changes as I see appropriate.

Please return all rental items to me within 7 days of your event. Your deposit will be returned only upon receipt of clean items in the same condition they were sent out.

If I am delivering, I will take a photo once cake is set in place. I am not responsible for anything that should happen after I leave due to tables being bumped, cake being moved, child shenanigans etc.

Cakes should ALWAYS be kept in a cool, dry place. Please note that direct sunlight and/or temperatures higher than 75 degrees may have drastic and adverse effects to any cake. If your event is outside, I HIGHLY recommend keeping the cake inside until right before you cut it. Outside and cakes just aren’t buddies, especially in South Louisiana.

Once your cake leaves my possession, I am not responsible for mishaps that may occur during transport. While my cakes are structurally sound under reasonable conditions, they are still cake and will not survive Nascar inspired driving.  I highly recommend placing the cake on a flat surface, NOT your lap or car seat. No quick accelerations, abrupt stops, or hasty turns.

I take a great picture of each cake, including detail shots against photography backdrops and will be happy to e-mail you the file(s) to share or print.

Due to copyright restrictions I cannot copy licensed characters/logos for profit. Any character cakes in my gallery were either for my own children or donated. What I can do is create a gorgeous cake inspired by your chosen theme and have you purchase the licensed characters to place on the cake yourself. Children seem to love this option even more because cake + toys = yay.

I promise to do everything in my power to deliver a cake that exceeds your expectations. In the rare case that you are unhappy with your cake and would like a refund, you must let me know the day of your event so your cake can be returned. Without proof that you are indeed unhappy with the product and will not be using it for your event, I will be unable to refund any portion of your payment.