A Look Inside The BEKery

It happened. It finally happened.

My studio is DONE.

Ok, there are really two small projects that are not done but I’m just going to ignore those and pretend.

Here’s a look inside the room that we converted from a small bedroom into a small cake studio. Kid’s don’t need their own rooms, right? Right.

Momma NEEDS her own cake room though. It’s my happy place. It has a door and it’s all mine. Magical.

So without further ado, let’s start the tour.

I don’t know how to take those panoramic shots where you can see the entire room in one picture so you will just have to deal with this all chopped up. You’ll survive. I promise.

First. My favorite thing. The wood wall.

This wall is such a cool focal point and it’s got some special meaning to me as well.

Most of the wood (except for the skinnier pieces we added for some size variation) is repurposed from my grandmother’s fence. My Maw-maw. Mo-Mo Velma. She died before I ventured into the world of cake decorating.

Before I learned to make art.

My grandmother was an artist. Not as a profession. Not as a way to show off or get attention. I’m not sure she would have even described herself as one.  She was an artist in the way that she just had to create. She had to make something better from whatever she had. She painted. She crocheted. She did mixed media before that was even a thing. (For example, the glued on dog pictures cut from magazines hidden in a wall sized mural in her bedroom. Weird? Yes. Innovative. You betcha.) She paired odd colors and had wild taste.

At one point she had murals on every single one of the doors in her house. It was quirky. It wasn’t traditionally what you’d think of when you think of art. And maybe it was something you wouldn’t necessarily want in your own home. But it was her. She showed me little things here and there. Like the Christmas we let her decorate our tree and she wrapped little bits of aluminum foil around every single light. As kids who were used to everything being “normal” and straightforward, we giggled behind her back that year.

I see it differently now. Cotton balls and homemade ornaments. Attention to detail and passion. I feel like she poured that into my life and I’m grateful. Always looking to make something more beautiful.

We ended up buying her house after she passed away so the fence was ours. We didn’t just go steal a fence. Calm down everyone. Although that would be some super gutsy theft. When we moved on to this house we took part of it down and made this.

And now it is part of where I create. I wish she could have seen even just a few of my cakes. I know she would have been so interested. I wish just once I could have created a blank canvas for her and shown her how you can paint on cake with edible paint. She would have disagreed with my design choices. She would have looked at my finished work and said “Well, you should add this here.”  But that’s ok.

This is where I do most of my detail work. I still bake and ice cakes in the kitchen which is right off of this room, but most of my fondant work and sculpting is done right here.


I had the the fabulous Kassie from Murals by Kassie Voisin do some art on this wall. Check her out on Facebook. She’s doing some wonderful things.

I had her paint this verse as a constant reminder why I strive for excellence in everything I do.

The dandelions in my logo represent my two little boys, big motivators for what I do as well.

Most of the things that I use most often are on this pegboard. Including these clipboards I made out of basic ugly brown ones. I painted them with the same paint I used on the walls. Printed out my logos, and modge podged them and bam. Super cute clipboards for my weekly orders.

Notice there are two. To keep me from taking more than two cakes per weekend, I only have two spots! I’ve tried more. I’ve done more and it’s always too much. I lie to myself and say I’ll get certain parts done ahead of time and it will work out, but it doesn’t happen. So these clipboards keep me in line. They keep me from over exhausting myself or spreading myself too thin. I always get it done, that’s not the issue. But a sane and rested Bek is a good Bek. And a good Bek can work harder and do better than a falling apart Bek.

Who’s in this book? Any of my super cool customers who have put down a deposit and booked their dates, that’s who. 😉  I’m very excited about some of the things coming up in this book! Did someone mention Steel Magnolias? Hmmm…wonder what that could be about. 😉

Under my work bench I’ve got drawers of things. Caking is so much better since I spend WAY less time wandering around, digging, looking for things. Just about everything has a spot and I know where it is when I need it.

Can you have too many paint brushes or sculpting tools? No. The answer is no.

Can I pass up cute things in the $1 section at Michaels? No. No I cannot.

I really love this super cute and comfortable chair that I got at Ross and never remember to sit down in. I need to hire someone to remind me to take breaks.

My sister was getting rid of this lamp and asked if I wanted it. And my grandma in me said “Yes, I will paint on it and it will be better.” So I did.

I just got this rolling cart at Michaels this week because it matched and was on sale. What more can you ask for, really? I’ve got my airbrushing stuff all together on the bottom. I try to group things together the way that I use them.

The drawers are nearly ALL cookie/fondant cutters. Everything but the last two drawers. They are divided by category with the top drawer being basic shapes that I use most often. I used to have them all in a giant plastic bin. That was a disaster.

Here is the closet. We took the doors off of it so it adds space to the room and is very accessible. I’m considering doing some curtains that I can close when I’m between orders but I haven’t been able to find the right ones yet.

That spot with the two level shelf is for details that need to be out of the way to dry or harden. I just made that happen this week because it’s much needed.

These scrapbook paper containers are awesome. They hold a lot but don’t take up a ton of room. They fit the flat Wilton molds perfectly too. I have all of those in one of these and all the irregular shaped ones in the drawer under the workbench.

We took these shelves that were in the living room when we bought this house and I painted them and we reinstalled them here, in the side of the closet.  This week, I decided I needed some on the other side and went bought the supplies to make it happen.

I cut the wood, sanded and painted it and then installed the shelving hardware. And ladies and gentlemen….they are capable of holding up Styrofoam.

Be very impressed. I know how to use power tools and my shelves can hold things that basically weigh nothing. *bows fancy butler bow*

This is one of the best things I’ve ever figured out related to organization/storage. This is an ornament storage container available around Christmas. You can make the cavities any size you need by putting in the little red things or taking them out. (I’m just noticing in this picture that they need to be fixed.) All of my letter cutters fit in this one container. So I can just pull it out and decide what I’m going to use and they are all exactly where they should be. *bright light opens from the heavens*

Ribbon fits in these cute containers I got from Target. And do I have to buy ribbon almost every time I make a cake? Yes. Somehow I don’t ever have the right amount or color or width. (*cough cough, please stock one inch ribbon somewhere in Houma please, cough cough*) But I have to. Because if a cake board doesn’t have a ribbon around it, does it really even exist? Think about it. 😉

I found this cute pull out wire shelving from Ross that fits candy melt bags perfectly! I don’t know what it was made for but this is it’s perfect purpose. It’s always good to have all the colors on hand so you can whip up some modeling chocolate whenever you need it.

These peg boards are one of the things that are not quite finished. They still need white frames to match the big one. But I won’t notice if you don’t.

Ugh ok, it needs a frame. Geez, stop pointing it out.  I see those ugly screws and edges. But this is where I display all my awards. The two white ribbon metals are for my boys but I don’t want them to get lost so I display them with mine.

Storage for my ever growing collection of cake stands and my super cute cake Scentsy burner.

You can’t have enough cake stands. You can’t. If you notice you don’t ever see them at Ross or Marshalls, it’s because I bought them. On second thought, maybe I do have a problem….

And that’s it! I love my little space.

If you have any genius ideas to help me be even more organized, feel free to comment and share them!! The more streamlined my workspace is, the more time I can spend making cakes awesome. =)








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17 Thoughts to “A Look Inside The BEKery”

  1. Lauren

    HEAVENLY! Sharing with the fiancé so he doesn’t feel so bad about the little bit of supplies I have 🤗

  2. I am 110% completely jealous and blown away. That’s all.

    1. Bek

      haha Thank you!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous and fabulously organized! Thank you for the ideas! 😉

  4. Awesome!!! Some great inspiration 😉

  5. Melissa

    I absolutely love everything about this post! I love the story of your wood wall. I love all of the organization. Congratulations on having such an amazing space!

  6. Teresa

    For curtains for your closet. Flat bed sheets are great. They are a great price for a huge piece of fabric. They are already mostly sewn. And they wash well and last ages. You can find a color you like and can stencil a design on them if you want.

    I’m currently at the beginning stages of converting my spare room too. I see some great ideas in yours!

    1. Bek

      I hadn’t thought about sheets! I’ll see if I can find something I like! I was thinking about sewing them but buying that much fabric won’t be cheap.

  7. Megan DeGeorge

    Looks great! I love organization!!

  8. Harmony

    So SO beautiful! Many incredible works of edible art will be made in there!!!!

  9. Karen P.

    Boy, am I jealous! What a great space – so organized. I want one.

  10. Sherry

    Ikea sells a pretty neat strong metal curtain line. It has very strong bolts that can go on either the ends of the ceiling or on the walls. I used it for a curtain in my basement that spanned 8′.

    1. Bek

      Good to know! We don’t have one near me but I’ll look into that next time I’m near one!

  11. This is wonderful! You’ve given us all with small spaces some really great ideas. Have you thought about purchasing ribbon online? It’s so cheap! I buy 100 yards for a little more than I pay for a roll at Michael’s.

    1. Bek

      I did start looking at it online the other day! Do you have a certain website you’d recommend?

  12. […] is a GREAT example of well organised home based business: Behind the scenes at The Bekery. Notice she’s got nearly all the things I mentioned above, and added in some personal touches […]

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